Mediterráneo Team

The SNFL Mediterráneo expert team is leaded by Technical Manager, Marcos Felici, collaboratngwith R&D Technologist, Elena Fuertes, Farming Assistant, Andres Garcia, and our team of Regional Senior Technologists, Annamaria Fanelli in Italy, Alejandro Gayan in Egypt and Josá María Fernandez in Spain.

After so many years, we continue to deliver dedicated technical expertise, enthusiasm and commitment to our growers and partners around the region.

SNFL Mediterráneo

SNFL’s role in the Mediterranean countries first started in a small test block in Murcia, Spain where a large number of table grape varieties from California had been imported with the ambition to revolutionize the old, traditional table grape industry. Hundreds of visiting growers passed through this small test block, and gradually, following extensive technical development and promotion, the Sheehan varieties began to be planted on a large scale across the Mediterranean region.

SNFL Mediterranean

The project presented in this document aims to develop new varieties of seedless table grapes with healthy properties for the consumer. For this, new genetic material will be obtained from varieties with a high concentration of antioxidants, with a special focus on enrichment in phenolic compounds, and their effect on glucose absorption will be studied in vitro after simulating its gastrointestinal digestion. Likewise, its effect on insulin resistance will be evaluated in vitro. A comparison will be made with normal table grape varieties, and also a reference fruit whose consumption is associated with a low caloric content will also be analysed. In addition, it will be taken into account that the varieties developed have new flavours with good acceptance in the market.


SNFL reaches agreement to protect its table grape varieties.

SNFL Group has obtained an order (ex parte) against two growers who were producing its protected table grape varieties without license in the area of Palagiano and Castellaneta in the province of Taranto, Italy.


Spain: General Manager: Marcos Felici


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