Edith Arancibia

General Manager


Omar Chandia

Customer Relations


Ignacio Hernandez

Trial Block Operations


Candy Nava

Maintenance Operator


Polibio Moreno

Technical Manager


Norma Pena

Administrative Accounting Specialist


Leila Biggers

Licensing Manager & Customer Relations


Karla Huerta

R&D Technologist


Teresita Maldonado

R&D Technologist


North America Team

In 2017, Sheehan Genetics LLC established a new test block and office in Fresno, California and by the end of 2018, all operations transferred from Williams Nursery to Sheehan. We now have a full team encompassing commercial, technical, licensing, finance, and marketing departments.

SNFL North America

The prominent table grape breeder, Tim Sheehan gained recognition through his Sheehan Genetics collection. A select group of growers hosted testing sites for Tim’s newly developed varieties and by the early 2000s the first Sheehan commercial varieties were licensed. Williams Nursery became Sheehan’s commercial partner for the U.S. and Mexico even after Tim’s passing in 2009. Today our team runs a successful enterprise overseeing SNFL plantings in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. We work closely together with growers from all three countries and actively assist in their growing techniques to apply the best practices to ensure that our growers get the best possible results from our varieties.

Our Last News

Our SNFL Newsletter is issued quarterly and is filled with seasonal updates, technical reviews, commercial results and upcoming news and information from our teams around the globe.

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Snfl North America

General Manager: Edith Arancibia

Email: Edith.Arancibia@snflgroup.com

Office #: +1  559 691 6420

Address: 2500 S Fowler Ave Fresno, CA 93725