Duncan Macintyre


Josep Jove Estiarte

Group Managing Director

Eduardo De La Torre

Chief Financial Officer

Rodrigo Llana

Chief Marketing Officer

Sonia Soto

Intellectual Property Manager

Rocio Gomez

Licensing Manager

María Meroño

Executive Assistant

Lucia Montesinos

Financial Manager

Jose M. Sola

Legal Affairs Manager


The SNFL International Team is made up of an experienced group of professionals who provide a wide range of skills and services to our customer-facing Regional and Country teams based in the main table grape producing areas. These services include IP Licensing and protection, Finance and Accountancy, Legal Affairs, Publicity and Marketing and overall management of the Group.

Most of the International team are based at our R&D and Innovation Centre in Murcia, Spain.

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Snfl International

General Manager: Josep Estiarte

Email: Josep.Estiarte@snflgroup.com

Office #: (+34) 968 677 061

Address: Vereda de Fortuna, 35 30110 Cabezo de Torres, Murcia (Spain)