The 3rd edition of the Bella Vigna Award celebrated on 22 November in Monopoli (Ba), awarded the best companies that bet on innovation and sustainability. These recognized prizes were given to three Italian growers for their work with three grape varieties developed by SNFL: Carlita, Timco and Magenta.

The company Fruitsland, from Angelo Di Palma, won the first prize in this third edition. The four members of the jury rewarded the technologically innovative and environmentally friendly practices adopted and their commitment to variety Carlita, a unique variety in Plugia, actually.

The second prize was awarded to the company Saracino Angela, which impressed the jury by sustainable practices adopted in the production of the Timco variety. In particular, by the use of an electrostatic nebulizer that allows a uniform distribution of phytosanitary products, thus helping to reduce environmental impact and encouraging significant savings in time and money.

The “Innovation Prize” was awarded to the Falciglia Salvatore Farm for the Magenta variety, for which the grower has implemented numerous innovative techniques aimed at reducing excessive vegetative vigor.

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