SNFL Group, partnering with global leaders in fresh produce, Vanguard International and Riverking International organized a in-person grape tasting event on January 11th, 2023, in Guangzhou, China.


The event took place at the Guangzhou Jiangnan Market and gave the first presentation of the IvoryTM grape variety, including container opening, tastings and interviews, as well a limited number of gifts for attendees.


Josep Estiarte, CEO of SNFL explains “China is leading table grape consumption worldwide representing +46% of the global consumption. Grapes are actually underrepresented in the fruit basket with only 29% of Chinese consumers purchasing grapes. These events are key to raise awareness about premium, seedless, sweet, and firm varieties such as IvoryTM, a very good choice for Chinese consumers.”



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范果象牙青提葡萄亮相广州 联合SNFL、煜谦举行首轮试吃活动 – AsiaFruitChina