Due to the restrictions that the Covid – 19 pandemic has put in place for most of the world, we were not able to host our yearly world wide Open Day this year.


However, we had the opportunity to put together two highly successful virtual global events which allowed us to exhibit the development of SNFL’s newest early , mid and late season selections. Many weeks of planning, filming and teamwork went into creating a show that would help our worldwide SNFL growers learn of our highly anticipated selections.


After many years of working on breeding and research, SNFL showcased a brand new range of flavorful and healthy varieties for all seasons and colors that will become major contenders in the market for years to come.

“We are really focused on innovation and our program is here to bring the next generation of table grape varieties.” said Josep Estiarte, CEO of SNFL Group. “We now have a wide range of varieties and selections that are already being highly regarded by retailers and will start to move very efficiently in all the major table grape markets.”