• The collaboration will focus on bringing top-notch varieties to Indian consumers.
  • The project will be initiated with 40 acres in Nashik, aiming to go up to 100 acres by 2023.


29th September 2022: IG International, one of India’s leading fresh fruit importers, has joined hands with Special New Fruit Licensing, SNFL Group, one of the world’s leading table grape R&D companies, to plant world-class grape varieties in India. This new project will establish IG International as one of the prime grape growers in India. The partnership will focus on bringing top cultivars to Indian consumers in Nashik, which is set to be the home for the production of new varieties of grapes. The initial planting will begin with 40 acres of land and will go up to 100 acres by 2023.


Acclaimed as the leading fresh fruit importer in India, IG International is entrenched with a renowned reputation for more than 50 years in this market segment. The company’s organized and strategic sourcing system, augmented by a seamless supply chain with a well-connected overseas procurement network, enables them to bring top varieties of grapes from SNFL which are currently not grown in India.


Speaking about this collaboration, Mr. Aman Anand, CEO of IG Grapes, said, “We are extremely delighted to join hands with SNFL. Grapes are one of the best-selling commodities in the fresh fruit industry as they are universally liked by many consumers. SNFL will provide the first-grade varieties of grapes in India through IG Grapes’ vast network. With this partnership, we’re looking forward to making sure that we have scalable production, expertise, and a steady supply of delicious grapes of unmatched quality.”


On this occasion, Mr. Josep Estiarte, CEO of SNFL Group stated, “Grapes are one of the most diverse and devoured fruits in India and with the establishment of this collaboration between our two leading companies, we will be able to deliver quality and freshness for all grape lovers in India. SNFL’s project in India started two years ago with the planting of its first protected varieties in the Indian market and we are committed to support the development of a premium table grape industry that will deliver better varieties to consumers.”


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