SNFL Group is one of the world’s leading table grape R&D companies. For over 20 years we have been breeding and developing new table grape varieties and licensing their production around the world.


We have bred a wide range of high-quality, seedless table grapes including the green seedless Ivory™, Timpson™, and Great Green™, and the red seedless Allison™, Timco™, Krissy™ and Carlita™.


Our Innovation Centre is state of the art, and our multi-disciplinary team is made up of geneticists, molecular biologists, agronomists, and technologists of the highest caliber.


We are very committed to our growers. SNFL Group has own local teams in 10 countries around the world covering up to 18 countries in all the major table grape production regions. Our breeding program is a very ambitious project committed to deliver the next generation of table grape varieties to the industry.


Every year our innovation team selects the best of our new hybrids, and these are sent out to our 10 trial sites around the world, in the main industries, for detailed evaluation of their agronomic characteristics and commercial potential.


In each of these regions our local agronomists and technologists develop locally adapted production protocols that our growers will use to get the very best results from our new varieties. We pride ourselves on the after sales service that we provide to our licensed growers.


The mission and vision of the company have always had a strong focus on breeding excellence, with innovation at the core of SNFL Group. Our mission is to empower the world through health, shape the future of table grapes, and lead as a worldwide innovation force.


Looking ahead, 2022 will be a very exciting year for SNFL Group, as we will see the first commercial plantings of the new collection of varieties developed by SNFL Group in the new breeding project in Spain.


This is a great achievement after so many years of research and investment. We are also about to enter new territories expanding our footprint and reaching more customers.


In terms of our target markets, we are very strong in countries such Peru, the U.S., Europe overall and Chile and we are growing fast in countries such Australia and RSA. We are also closely exploring expansion in new territories such China or India.


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