We want to share with you again our updated news from SNFL Group, with the first edition of 2023 SNFL coNNect. We know that the 2022/23 season is challenging for all of us. That’s why, SNFL teams continue supporting you, our growers, and partners, to get your objectives and make the best agronomical decisions each day. This year we will be working to coNNect through our constant conversations, technical visits, newsletters, congresses participation, global open days, social media, etc…


The table grape industry is one of the most valuable horticultural industries in Australia, valued at more than $770 million in FY2021/221. It has an excellent geographical location to service Asian markets, a favorable climate of high sunshine hours, modern irrigation systems, high food safety standards, and advanced farming practices all contribute to successful table grape production in Australia and has helped the industry to become a significant player in global farming of world-class table grapes.

Unless this season’s maturity is behind 3 weeks to previous years due to the cooler growing degree units, the industry remains very optimistic compared to 2021 & 2022. This year for Australian producers, it has been a very challenging season with high rainfall (265% more than average in Spring) during the flowering period of October & November in the Sunraysia region, causing to major Downy Mildew infections.

The Australian industry is on the top 15 global producers. Table grape exports consist of 70% of total production and the remaining 30% is for domestic consumption1. The 2023 season has started very strong with competitive domestic pricing compared to export sales due to low volume in the domestic supply chain for supermarket sales. This will change over the following weeks with the majority of table grape volume coming into the harvest window.

In terms of exports, the Australian table grape industry has been growing in recent years. The main export markets for Australian table grapes are Asia, particularly China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, along with the United Arab Emirates. China and Hong Kong are the destinations of 40% of the Australian exports, the other 60% is shared by other markets such as Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia2

Before the global pandemic, China’s buyers visited Australian farms and arranged purchases based on results, helping to build strong relationships between growers and exporters.
Over the last few years, the table grape industry has been through a period of expansion. Australia-wide new landholders are investing in existing table grape properties.

In this context, Cordoma International, one of our Australian licensed growers, has been farming table grapes for three generations for delivering premium table grapes that are unmatched in flavour and quality.

Adrian Cordoma, the Managing Director, talk about SNFL varieties:

“Ivory is a beautiful piece of fruit surprisingly with its fresh flavour; our consumers look forward to it every year. For us growers, Ivory is a workhorse variety with good yields.


We also grow brilliant electric pink red Carlita, so crispy & fresh, and valued by the consumer. As growers, this is an easier variety to produce.”

Overall, the Australian table grape industry is a significant contributor to the country’s agriculture sector and economy, and the industry continues to grow and expand both domestically and internationally.

Have you been to our Open Day in Mildura, Australia?


Main attributes for shopper decision in table grape market

In European Union:

Main local attributes:

Source: AM FRESH- Table grapes varietes run in 2023. Quantitative research through online survey among 1500 shoppers: 300 per country, in 5 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and UK). The evaluated attributes are flavour, price, colour , seedless, quality (sign of blemishes imperfections), country of origin, size of the berries, sold on promotion, variety, other.


Meet our licensed growers around the world.

“For us working with the local SNFL office in South Africa is a great experience. Their knowledge of the local farming practices and conditions in the different production areas plays a big part in choosing the correct and suitable variety for where the farm is situated.
We listened and learned from the industry with the help of SNFL, and we can say that we made the correct choice with Timpson™, which has been on our radar from the beginning. Timpson™ is an easy variety to farm, with good berry size and bunch structure. It is quite easy to grow, which enables controlling yield without excessive hormones, and it’s a great stable white seedless variety.”

Christiaan de Villiers, Manager AT MC Grapes, Hex River Valley, South Africa

“Uvasdoce Fresh is located in Alicante, a special and unique area for the cultivation of seedless grapes due to its soil and microclimate. In order to achieve the best results, we take precise measures from the very beginning, such as plantation framework, vine structure, number of berries per bunch, number of bunches per vine, and size of the bunches. With the help of SNFL we are enhancing the organoleptic properties of the grapes such as fantastic muscat flavour for Timpson or unique pinkish colour for Carlita. We are very excited for the great investigation project of new seedless varieties SNFL are working on. ”

Alfredo Miralles Guirao, General Manager, Uvasdoce Fresh, Spain.

“At Rioblanco, our objective is to have the best varieties for the consumers, offering 90% of new varieties in production this year, including SNFL varieties such as IvoryTM. Thanks to SNFL Teams, we are finding the way and techniques to develop a high-quality product at the level of the Chilean fruit industry. During the last Open Day in our fields, we have had the opportunity to get to know the IvoryTM variety more deeply with pretty good results and a promising future.”

Oscar Silva Ayach, Head of North Zone, Exportadora Rioblanco SPA


If there is one thing that sets SNFL Group apart, it is a team made up of people who are passionate about what they do.
Our professional family is growing!

Akash Patil

Customer Relations, India

“With more than 10 years of experience producing grapes, this year I joined SNFL as consumer support in India. With the introduce of SNFL varieties, the Indian grape industry will change for the better, and I wish to be part of the amazing future that lies ahead”.

Belinda Jenkins

Research and Development Technologist, Australia

“I am a third generation in a dried fruit farming family. My career has been focused on viticulture, in particular table grape breeding with CSIRO here in Australia. I am excited to join the team of SNFL Australia and help in the development of protocols for the new exotic flavored varieties and tailor them to Australian conditions”.

Our expert team work every day to strengthen relationships with growers and retailers, and build together the next generation of healthy table grape varieties.

Global Grape Congress (Online)

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Presenting IvoryTM in China

SNFL Group, partnering with global leaders in fresh produce, Vanguard International, and Riverking International organized an in-person grape tasting event on January 11th, 2023, in Guangzhou, China. The event took place at the Guangzhou Jiangnan Market and consist in the first presentation of the IvoryTM grape variety, including container opening, tastings, and interviews.

Fruit Logistica Berlin

We were at Fruit Logistica Berlin showcasing our top grape varieties: Ivory™, Timco™, Timpson™, and Allison™.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn firsthand about the unique characteristics of each of them and how they can benefit their crops and businesses. We’re excited to keep pushing the innovation of high-quality grapes.

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