More than 65 local licensees had a great time at our SNFL Australia Open Day on February 14th, 2023. They benefited from technical advice from SNFL Australia General Manager, Rachael McClintock, and, R&D Technologist, Belinda Jenkins, and discovered how to improve the quality and performance of their crops:

    • Our Chairman, Duncan Macintyre, shared a good snapshot of the Australian industry,
    • We also presented our activities to raise awareness on SNFL varieties in Asia, key for Australian table grapes exports in the next months.  Presentation of Ivory TM  in China. 
    • Growers could discover and taste some of the Navsel collection,
    • We visited Fresh Produce Group Farm for a commercial viewing of IvoryTM and AllisonTM.

The day was amazing, and the growers got excited about the next chapter.

Now volume starts to fill the market and harvest really begins. “The major grower concern shared is how fruit will arrive after 4 weeks on the sea; the high disease pressure this year in conjunction with high agrochemical use may compromise the health of bunch stems on arrivals leading to berry shatter & claims. We will not know this until early March.” shared Rachael.

Thanks to our licensees for their enthusiasm and to our team in Australia to make this event possible.

See you in the fields !