SNFL Group and Syngenta Group China have entered a strategic alliance to continue to grow their businesses in China.


At the beginning of February, SNFL Group and Syngenta Group closed an agreement to start varietal development in China. Syngenta is going to develop a test block with some of SNFL’s most important varieties through its Modern Agriculture Platform (MAP) and local farmers’ network. SNFL will provide the plant material and support Syngenta growers from an agronomic and technical point of view to guarantee the best quality of their crops. The first licensed table grape varieties will be planted in Si Chuan and Shan Xi, where climate conditions and soil are optimal for the development and evaluation of its grape varieties.


Josep Estiarte, SNFL’s general manager, commented: “China is a key market to expand our activities in the future (…), we do believe that partnering with Syngenta and their MAP network for sustainable local production will help to provide a 52-week supply of our varieties in China and will raise awareness through the demanding Chinese consumers.”


A key part of this initiative is MAP beSide, a programme that helps farmers grow very high quality, traceable crops in a climate-smart way.