Our team held 9 technical sessions with +50 local licensed producers and exporters, during SNFL Open Week from February 17th to 24th, 2023, in Paine, Chile, to present the varieties from our test block, and share our agronomic recommendations, for fruitful conversations with the participants.


We share our summary video to remember the good times we had with you, our licensees, sublicensees and local partners.

On each session, we had the support of our expert team who shared advice of technical management of our varieties, recommendations to improve the fields and an update of the work we do on the most relevant attributes of grapes such as crispness and flavour, at an organoleptic level, and size and resistance, at an agronomic level. In addition, we discussed about business opportunities in terms of varietal innovation and market situation, bringing solutions together for a better (and healthier!) the future.


Oscar Silva Ayach, Head of North Zone, Exportadora Rioblanco SPA, said: “At Rioblanco, our objective is to have the best varieties for the consumers, offering 90% of new varieties in production this year, including SNFL varieties such as IvoryTM. Thanks to SNFL Teams, we are finding the way and adapting techniques to develop a high-quality product reaching the level of the Chilean fruit industry. During the last SNFL Open Day, we have had the opportunity to get to know better IvoryTM, directly form our fields, providing good results and a promising future.”


Chile industry is going through a drastic change, and it is important to recognize the challenges and seek solutions together with our producers, thinking in the future.


Carolina Cruz, President of Uvanova, the Table Grape Association of Chile, shared:” We are confident that table grapes have projection and a good business opportunity for producers if we continue to make progress together. We greatly appreciate that research continues to advance, and we are available to interact in any way possible to further enhance grapes industry in Chile”.


Thanks to all attendees for their enthusiasm and commitment.


We look forward to seeing everyone at upcoming events!